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On the occasion of the upcoming centenary of birth of Józef Marcinkiewicz (1910-1940) the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Adam Mickiewicz University is organizing a scientific conference to commemorate one of the most eminent Polish mathematicians. Józef Marcinkiewicz worked in real, complex and functional analysis (trigonometric and power series, interpolation of operators, orthogonal systems, vector-valued inequalities), probability theory (characteristic functions, maximal inequalities for independent random variables, Khintchine type inequalities, Brownian motion). The period of Marcinkiewicz’s scientific activity lasted only six years but the list of his publications, written between 1933-1939, amounts to 55 positions. Marcinkiewcz’s research triggered development of various branches of mathematics and a lot of mathematical notions and theorems are nowadays related to his name: Marcinkiewicz integral, Marcinkiewicz spaces, Marcinkiewicz interpolation theorem, Marcinkiewcz-Zygmund law of large numbers, Marcinkiewicz multiplier theorem, Marcinkiewcz-Zygmund inequalities, Jessen- Marcinkiewcz-Zygmund strong differentiation theorem, Marcinkiewicz decomposition, Grűnwald-Marcinkiewicz interpolation theorem, Marcinkiewicz-Salem conjecture, Marcinkiewicz property. Mathematics did not fill entirely his short, thirty years long life. Józef Marcinkiewicz was active at sports (he became particulary proficient in swimming and skiing) and Polish literature was his hobby.

The meeting will be devoted to some significant aspects of contemporary mathematical research into branches related to Marcinkiewicz’s scientific interests including their applications.

The Conference will be held at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Adam Mickiewicz University (Umultowska 87, Poznań Poland).